Night Fisher (i+ii)

This is what my couchsurfing host spontaneously wrote when he saw my photo:

Night Fisher (i)

“Crawl through the water,
and feast on your end
…my end
our end”


…whispered the sun,
into the cold listen of the silhouette
seated on the lonely


Night Fisher (ii)

“Your company
is my demise,
but still


Bubbled the lonely
black fish.

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Hitchhiking through England IV


Day 13: Chester

I spend the last day with Julia in Chester. A nice historic city. A bit like York, but more lively and less like a museum. Plus, it has all these elevated secret passages. The cathedral is very cool, too Continue reading

Hitchhiking through England III


Day 9: Manchester

I decided to take a bus to Manchester since the ticket is only £ 4 and it‘d be complicated to get there hitchhiking. Even though I was always told that Manchester is ugly and boring, I like most of it. Many industrial buildings with these typical steel staircases in the back alleys. Continue reading

Hitchhiking through England II




Day 7: Leicester – Hull – York

I feel sorry to wake up Laurence so he can drive me to a service station on the M1. I only have to wait ten minutes until I find a couple that wants to take me towards York. They‘re from Hull. They tell me four times that Hull is this year‘s UK City of Culture and that their suspension bridge used to be the largest in the world. Then they say that it‘s probably cheaper than York to stay and easier to get to Manchester, which will be my next destination. Since I didn‘t find a couchsurfing host in York, I decide to give Hull a try. Continue reading

Hitchhiking through England and Wales I


Day 1-2: Cardiff

It‘s always a bit strange at first, when you arrive in a foreign country. It‘ll need a day or so until I get used to being in Great Britain. At three in the afternoon on a sunny Tuesday the small Cardiff airport is surprisingly empty. After walking over the still car park, looking out for potential lifts to Cardiff, I finally find an engineer who works at the airport and is willing to drive me to the city. We speed through hilly roads, narrowed by high bushes, until we reach the suburbs of Cardiff. It‘s the first time I see these typically British residential neighbourhoods that consist of rows of identical houses, all of which are narrow and rarely higher than two storeys. Continue reading

Gokarna – Sirsi – Karwar – Kochi – ???


Auszug aus dem Reisetagebuch (und Fotos):

„Wir sitzen in einem kleinen Restaurant im Bahnhof von Karwar. Eigentlich haben wir gerade Karten gespielt, aber dann wurden wir gebeten (oder gewarnt), aufzuhören, weil die Polizei kam und spielen wohl verboten ist. Natürlich haben nicht um Geld gezockt, aber das spielte für die Personen im Restaurant keine Rolle. Wie wir überhaupt hierhergekommen sind ist eine etwas dumme und unglückliche Geschichte.

Continue reading