Hitchhiking through England II




Day 7: Leicester – Hull – York

I feel sorry to wake up Laurence so he can drive me to a service station on the M1. I only have to wait ten minutes until I find a couple that wants to take me towards York. They‘re from Hull. They tell me four times that Hull is this year‘s UK City of Culture and that their suspension bridge used to be the largest in the world. Then they say that it‘s probably cheaper than York to stay and easier to get to Manchester, which will be my next destination. Since I didn‘t find a couchsurfing host in York, I decide to give Hull a try.

The city has some beautiful spots around the giant harbour area. On the closing market I get three unsold hot dogs for free. But I can‘t find any affordable accommodation so I travel to York before it gets dark. It takes less than a minute to find a driver. A cab driver, who has a pick-up job west of York. He is breathing so heavily that I‘m struggling to understand what he‘s saying, but he drives me right to the hostel in the city centre. At night, I meet with a couchsurfer who just got back home from working a season in a ski resort in Switzerland. He lets me fly his video drone over the lit up historic city. The last of the three hot dogs is already cold but still serves as a good dinner.

Spendings in Hull
£ 0 museums
£ 0 hot dog x3

Day 8: York

Walking around in a sunny York.

Spendings in York
£ 2,30 shitty bap
£ 0,70 water
£ 1,80 soup + roll in church
£ 6,80 pizza
£ 1,65 groceries (breakfast)
£ 26,50 hostel 2 nights

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